Pay Per Deletion

We Do NOT Charge For Credit Repair


No Hidden Fees

And You Can Cancel

At Any Time.

The Audit, Setup & Review Fee - $297 Per Person

The initial Audit, Setup, & Review Fee is a One time fee .

We will create an audit with your credit history to see exactly which category your points are dropping from. We will then create a customized strategy and provide you with the following:

  • 9-20 page detailed audit of your credit report breaking down what's hurting your credit, what's helping your credit, and what we need to do to get you to where you need to be.

  • 24/7 online access to a secure client portal so you can see exactly what's going on with your credit and where you are in the credit repair process.

  • Discounted credit monitoring service for all 3 major credit bureaus and reports.

  • 100 days of credit advice, tips, & secrets

  • And many other valuable resources…

How Does it Work???

CM Fresh Start is Not a “One Size Fits All” company. We do not think it is fair to make you pay upfront or $50-$150 monthly fee for work that cannot even be guaranteed. Instead, we offer a package based on the needs and budgets of all clients. Specifically tailored to fit the needs of your situation.

At CM Fresh Start We do NOT charge for Credit Repair, Only for RESULTS

& you only pay for Results AFTER you receive them.

We send out disputes on your behalf to each credit bureau, creditor, and collection agency/firm. When an item that we disputed is deleted, a deletion fee is invoiced for that deleted item per credit bureau. The deletion of Any One item from Any One credit bureau counts as ONE (1) deletion. The deletion of Any One item from all 3 credit bureaus count as THREE (3) deletions.

We know what you’re thinking…

What if you get 20 deleted items, you do not want to get stuck with a $1,000 bill right? Well if you do, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a lot of deletions! But don’t worry, we are not going to make you pay us $1000. We will let you pay $100 per month until the balance is paid off. For example: if there are 12 collections deleted from your credit reports. We will send you an invoice of $600, in which you have two options. You could pay in full and receive 20% off… Or you can set up a payment plan where you only pay $100 a month for six months. Our clients like that better because the $100 is going towards work that has already been completed instead of possibilities and hope.

Once enrolled, our clients must maintain an active credit monitoring service with access to all 3 credit bureaus throughout the process of their credit repair. If you do not have one already no worries we will provide you with one.


Inaccurate Personal Information.

It is very important that everything reported in the Personal Information section is 100% accurate and up to date. The credit bureaus use this information to verify your identity and if anything reporting there is incorrect or outdated, these security of your information may be compromised. This could be the result of a mixed credit file where someone else’s credit is actually mixed in with yours causing some of the accounts to appear on your report. Inaccurate personal information is also often the first sign of identity theft.

  • Inaccurate, misspelled, and different variations of your name

  • Wrong and/or outdated addresses

  • Wrong and/or outdated phone numbers

  • Incorrect social security numbers

  • Incorrect Birth date

  • Ex-Spouses

  • Wrong and/or outdated employment records

Late Payments

$50 Per Account (payment history changed) Per Credit Bureau

35% of your credit is made up of your payment history, meaning whether or not you pay your accounts on time. Did you know ONE late payment could drop you 50-100 points per credit bureau? Life happens to the best of us and there are a million and one reasons why you may have some late payments on your record. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Reporting Act, and the Fair Credit Billing Act there are also a million and one reason why they may not be reporting on your report LEGALLY.

Collection, Charge Off, and Repossessions

$50 per Collection, Charge off, & Repossession: Per Credit Bureau

Our credit repair specialists and processors are specially trained to identify the accurate and inaccurate reporting of information on our client’s credit report. As mentioned before, we use the law and your consumer rights to dispute the derogatory accounts and negative items on your credit reports. We are not saying never pay a debt… We’re saying never pay a debt without validating it before you just hand your money over…Although an account may belong to you, it doesn’t mean that it rightfully belongs on the credit report. You’d be surprised how many score dropping accounts are ILLEGALLY but commonly found on credit reports. For example, did you know Medical Bills are not legally allowed on your credit report?

Collection companies and even the major credit bureaus themselves are just not known for following the law or for their honesty. There are tons of laws protecting you as a consumer from these companies but lets be honest…

“If you don’t know your rights...

You don’t have any...”

*Advisory: Some derogatory accounts can actually Raise your credit score, or having them deleted can actually Lower your score more than just leaving them reporting. For example, if you had a $5,000 charged-off account - paid in full - the balance, paid status and payment history could account in the scoring of your file, Especially if it’s one of your oldest accounts. That’s why deleting some derogatory accounts can actually lower your credit score!!! It may be best to just delete the late payments on some derogatory accounts and some accounts you may want to just leave alone altogether.

Public Records (Including EVICTIONS): Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Tax Lien, Child Support, & Judgments.: Per Credit Bureau/3rd Party Report

$125 per Public Record, Child Support, & Evictions per Credit Bureau

Bankruptcies, tax liens, evictions, child support, and judgments have a HUGE negative impact on your credit score. Although they seem big and scary because you may have gone through the court system or lawyers when dealing with these types of accounts, they still may be reporting illegally on your credit report. As mentioned with collections, our credit repair specialists and processors are specially trained to identify the accurate and inaccurate reporting of these records and use the law and your consumer rights pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Reporting Act (FDRA) to get these account permanently deleted from your credit reports.

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