Our Mission

The services we offer are very different from all the other credit repair companies you see out there… They plow through your credit like a wrecking ball deleting any and everything and when they’re done, you have no credit report at all. Or worse, they’ll file false police reports for identity theft, or result to other illegal schemes with the risk of you being sued, forced to pay large fines and legal fees, or even face jailtime.

CM Fresh Start Credit is different. Rather than demolishing your credit report, we only dispute the necessary inaccurate and incomplete items, ultimately reshaping what is flawed, and preserving everything good keeping important records like that credit card you paid on time for 6 years before losing your job. Or that car payment you paid on time for 7 years until going through some financial difficulties. We work to preserve your credit history fighting to keep those valuable years of credit.

Meet Our CEO

Like most people I messed up my credit at a young age before I even knew what credit really was. It wasn’t until I actually needed to use my credit that I realized just how important having good credit is. I was forced to teach myself the ins and outs of credit through the trial and error of having to fix my own. After learning all of our consumer rights and the laws that protect us, I became my family and friend’s credit go to expert. My story is no different than most people. I learned from my mistakes and was able to give my family, friends, and myself a fresh start and with CM Fresh Start, I hope to help families around the world get a fresh start as well.